MBTI in Fiction

Sep 8

Black Widow

Requested by Anonymous & loonyriddle

Personality Type: ISTP

Dominate Function: Introverted Thinking

Natasha generally keeps to herself.  She makes her decisions based on reasoning and logic rather than sentiment.  She can put her feelings aside to get the job done.  Calculating, and reactionary, she can make extremely quick plans to effectively fight.  She forms complete thoughts before talking or acting, making both her word choices, actions, and movements very deliberate.  This makes her excellent at disarming people, both verbally and literally.

Auxiliary Function: Extroverted Sensing

Natasha lives in the moment.  She has baggage from her past, but more often then not, she can ignore it and focus on the task at hand.  She takes in information in the moment, able to react and adapt quickly to situations.  For instance, she managed to hitch a ride on an alien glider to make it to the top of the Stark Tower quickly using her ability to improvise, see what is important and react in the moment.  She does not hold grudges, forgiving Hawkeye for attacking her while brainwashed immediately.  Additionally, Black Widow expresses her extroverted sensing by being a bit of a daredevil, pulling of dangerous stunts and challenging her body to the physical limit.

Tertiary Function: Introverted Intuition

Intuition is not Natasha’s particularly strong suit, but she can see the importance of the bigger picture in addition to what is directly in front of her.  She knows the importance of information she is sent to retrieve, so can adjust her plans to best approach it.  She also was sure to be the one to close the tesseract, because she can see the big picture of the battle as well as the up-close fighting.  Natasha uses her intuition to tell when there is something wrong or suspicious about a situation.

Tertiary Function: Extroverted Feeling

Natasha can come off as cold, but she actually cares a lot about the people around her.  She is sassy, but not confrontational, preferring not to upset other people.  Although she is not a easily persuaded by pleasing other people as Captain America, she is in tune with the emotions of other’s around her and compassionate towards them (unless it isn’t logical, like when she pulled a gun on Banner).  Natasha generally wants people to get along, but as this is her least developed function, she can have a hard time connecting.  In Avengers, she really only manages to comfort Hawkeye, but she has been close friends with him for a long time.

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Black Widow does the shit nobody else wants to do.  She gets into close combat, works as Tony Stark’s assistant, and goes to collect the Hulk out of India.  Loyal to Nick Fury, SHEILD, and Hawkeye for pulling her out of being brainwashed, she does her duty in order to make up for her past.  Although she has strong values, Natasha is motivated more by the fact she feels like she owes the world a debt for her wrongdoings then feeling guilty and needing to reconcile that.  Natasha is a loyal, hard-worker, who is unafraid of toil, a true Hufflepuff.