MBTI in Fiction

Oct 4

Amy Pond

Requested by loonyriddle

Personality Type: ESFJ

Dominate Function: Extraverted Feeling

Amy is a huge flirt, and a big social butterfly.  She loves meeting new people, having fun, and going to parties.  Often her empathy and desire to connect to someone is what drives her to help people during her travels — including The Doctor.  Amy puts herself in other people’s shoes and imagines how they must feel.  She pities the Star Whale for how lonely and tortured it must have been, and gets through to Bracewell by talking to him about the unrequited love.  When she cares about someone, she can be very compromising and hyperaware of their feelings and needs.  She worries about The Doctor when he seems too erratic after traveling alone, and becomes more determined to meet Rory’s needs as their relationship matures.

Auxiliary Function: Introverted Sensing

Amy Pond, the Girl Who Waited, the girl who remembered The Doctor back into the universe, has a legendary memory.  She is extremely sentimental, tenaciously so.  Her keepsakes and mementos scattered about her bedroom show just how much she treasures memories of the Raggedy Doctor, even when she had only met him for a few minutes as a child.  She hangs onto those memories (to the point of biting her therapists,) and often reverts to calling The Doctor her Raggedy Doctor in times of distress.  She responds strongly to mementos and keepsakes — the strength of her telepathic images for the TARDIS codes (crimson, eleven, delight, petrichor,) reflects just how powerful her memories can be.

Tertiary Function: Extraverted Intuition

Amy is a huge dreamer.  She sees the possibilites in the world around her, and is excited by the ideas of new planets and things to see.  With her dominant Feeling function, she often picks up on the subtext in relationships — “Is River Song your wife?”  Often she is driven by the question of ‘what if,’ as with Vincent Van Gogh.  She doesn’t let things like rules stop her from acting, as she sees multiple ways to approach situations (such as locked doors or Star Whale space ships.)

Inferior Function: Introverted Thinking

Amy is not a terribly logical person.  She’s more likely to overlook the logical inconsistency of a situation in order to embrace the sentiment and deeper meaning.  In fact, she’s very quick to accept things that don’t make sense if they feel right.  She doesn’t think much of the crack in her wall as to how it got there, and doesn’t question The Doctor’s arrival too much even though he literally falls out of the sky.  Amy’s also not very good at figuring out how something works, or how to operate a piece of equipment.  Evaluating and analyzing aren’t her strong suits.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Amelia Pond is extremely brave.  She stands up to The Doctor when he does something she doesn’t agree with, such as killing another creature.  On the other hand, she’ll take action to save him even when he doesn’t agree with her methods — as when she chooses to forget the truth about Starship UK, or shoots at the little girl in the space suit in order to protect him.  She’s quite daring and eager for adventure.  She readily throws herself into potentially dangerous situations if it’s to protect the people she loves, or even just for the sake of her own need for adventure.  Amy is daring, stubborn, and brave at heart, a true Gryffindor.