MBTI in Fiction


Jon Snow

Requested by van1ty & phenrix & asongofwizardsandtimelords

WARNING: Spoilers for Storm of Swords & Dances With Dragons

Personality Type: ISFP

Dominate Function: Introverted Feeling

Jon Snow has very deeply held convictions.  He knows himself and his own values very strongly, taking Eddard’s morals and internal code and applying it to his own life.  He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and a clear idea of what his values are, even if he does not always know the best way to express them.  He latches into the code of the Night’s Watch, remaining committed to those values for a very long time before straying.  He also is very passionate about who he is loyal to - the Starks, the Night’s Watch, and eventually Wildings.  He knows what is right or wrong and what he wants, and acts on that no matter what other people think.  He takes a lot of teasing from Yigrette before changing his mind about her, and also holds affection the Wildings despite the hostility from the rest of the Night’s Watch.

Auxiliary Function: Extroverted Sensing

Jon Snow is a physical guy.  His primary way of interacting with the world is observation and living in the present moment.  He takes into account the situation immediately present, whether that is his recent vows, or hungry Wildings.  Although he has fond memories of his childhood, that time feels far away from him, and his values and allegiances change based on his observations.  Jon is also very athletic and enjoys getting out into the wilderness - his dream was to become a Night’s Watch ranger.  Although he has a respect for tradition, he is not afraid to change customs to suit the immediate needs of the time.

Tertiary Function: Introverted Intuition

Jon Snow can be very single minded and focused when he needs to be.  He had an long time ambition to be a ranger, and had a hard time coming to terms with the alternative path he was being led down.  When Jon gets an idea in his head he starts to use information to relate to that one concept, building on his internal system of universality.  This is not his most developed function, so he sometimes struggles to see what the consequences of his actions are or how events are important in the long run.

Inferior Function: Extroverted Thinking

As a leader, Jon is called on to command different groups.  Planning is something he often looks for help with, but can be done when he needs to.  He organizes and classifies the world around him, marshaling troops and executing plans.  When leadership was thrust upon him, Jon rose to the job, using this underdeveloped function.  He has a very difficult time making objective, strategic choices, letting his introverted feeling side lead his course of action or his extroverted sensing side that only sees the situation at hand.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

If anything, Jon Snow behaves according to his principals.  He is always fighting for the greater good, and honestly believes that he is making the world a better place.  He is loyal, but not blindly so.  He challenges customs and acts on his own strong set of values.  He is brave, chivalrous, and has a very high regard for honor.