MBTI in Fiction



Requested by cobbled & cassiel-the-loyal

Personality Type: ISTJ

Dominate Function: Introverted Sensing

Castiel is like a databank of supernatural information.  He always looks to his experience and his past for his data and applies it to current situations.  When he first meets the Winchesters he is a strong supporter of tradition, stuck in old ways, and has a difficult time adjusting to contemporary society.  He trusts experience more than searching the external world for clues or information.

Auxiliary Function: Extroverted Thinking

Castiel gets things done.  He is objective, straightforward and has a need to control his environment, whether that is by being neat, organized or trying to quash all rebellion and everyone live in peace (or else).  Castiel has a habit of just doing something without asking or notifying people, and has a knack for rallying people behind him when he needs to.  At first he uses this function to support his adherence to tradition, but as he develops his introverted feeling, he starts to find moral causes to spearhead.

Tertiary Function: Introverted Feeling

Castiel searches his on values and emotions more than he takes into account the emotions of others.  He has a hard time reading other people, unable to tell if they are joking  or serious sometimes.  He also develops this function over time, and eventually this function starts to overshadow his introverted sensing function, making him self-righteous until he learns to keep it in check.  He has an internal value on free-will and affection for the Winchesters, which drives him apart from other angels.

Inferior Function: Extroverted Intuition

Castiel is more inclined to create ideas from the world around him and not settle on a decision.  He spends a lot of time ambivalent about his position with heaven and feels uncomfortable fully committing to things.  This is is least developed function, so he doesn’t exactly see the world full of possibilities, instead filtering it through legacy and tradition.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Castiel is very righteous, and although he does his duty, he values free-will over obligation.  He is less motivated by personal ambition and curiosity then he is about doing right.  He is interested in the greater good for the greatest people, using his introverted feeling to determine who and what he values.