MBTI in Fiction


Liz Lemon

Requested by therivanqueen

Personality Type: ESTJ

Dominate Function: Extroverted Thinking

Liz Lemon needs to have control.  She has a hard time letting things go, and lives by planning and scheduling her life.  She struggles with being spontaneous, and delights in organizing things.  She thinks out loud, often saying something first and regretting it later.  She has a lot of expectations and plans for things that don’t always go her way, and get her into hilarious situations.  Although Liz Lemon enjoys her time alone, she is more engaged with the outside world than on introspecting - spending her time alone re-arranging her furniture or planning to learn something new rather than really turning inward to enjoy her own company.

Auxiliary Function: Introverted Sensing

Liz Lemon draws her information from experience, data that she remembers and from fantasy she can construct.  She often cites early experiences as Jenna’s friend when something went terribly wrong to try and convince people out of a poor choice.  She also often cites statistics and facts that she might have pulled out of commercials or magazines.  Occasionally, Liz constructs data from fantasy, building something up to be great and not seeing what it is in reality.  Liz Lemon is also somewhat traditional, preferring to stick to what she knows or what is recommended rather than go out and try new things.  She certainly doesn’t express much interest in experiencing the sensory wonders of the outside world, resorting instead to imagination and memory.

Tertiary Function: Extroverted Intuition

As a comedy writer, Liz Lemon needs to think outside of the box.  This compliments her natural tendency to use her memory, she can then draw on that data to generate new ideas.  She is witty, able to riff back and forth to build jokes.  She often challenges Jack with alternatives to his single-minded choices, even if her alternatives are ridiculous.  This function is less developed than her introverted sensing, so Liz is occasionally known to shut down a thread of ideas if she thinks it is too over the top, or doesn’t appeal to her nostalgic, idealistic sensibilities.

Inferior Function: Introverted Feeling

This is Liz Lemon’s least developed function.  She knows what her values are, but has a really hard time expressing them, and sometimes even sticking to them.  She can compromise what she believes in, if it means she can execute her plan.  Intimacy is a real problem for her, she prefers to hide how important and close her values are to her with jokes and arms-length relationships.  Liz Lemon does not show or receive affection well, but she does read into the sentimental meaning behind small gestures.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Liz Lemon is generally well meaning and dutiful, however, she does have a strong ambitious streak.  She managed to carve her way onto network television as a head writer.  She occasionally can be vindictive and even deceitful, like when she stole her neighbors mail.  She has a few causes that she supports, but she participates in activism very passively.  She also dodges clearly important values, such as trying to get out of jury duty by acting crazy.  Although she teases Jack for his ambition, she does learn a lot from him and sees him as a mentor.